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Why Green Cleaning?

Why Shining Knight Uses Green Cleaning Products?

These days many people are asking themselves; “Why should I use green cleaning products.

Many cleaning products that cleaning contractors use rank among the most toxic everyday substances to which people are exposed. most chemical brands are not safe. Some especially toxic include ammonia, chlorine bleach, aerosol propellants, detergents, petroleum distillates and toluene.

Many of these substances not only harm the skin; they also give off toxic fumes that affect the person using the product and everyone else. Symptoms from ‘the flu’ to headaches have been associated with products that they use to clean your furniture,

Traditional cleaning agents infect our lungs with carcinogens, barrage the strength of our immune system, and expose you to unnecessary physical stress. They are also slow to biodegrade, often remaining present in the earth’s soil and environment for generations.?

Approximately 85,000 chemicals are in use today. According to the Breast Cancer Fund, complete toxicological screening data is available for only 7% of these chemicals, and more than 90% have never been tested for their effects on human health. (Breast Cancer Fund)

Shining Knight Cleaning making your work place safer for you

By using naturally derived, biodegradable non-toxic cleaning products Shining Knight Cleaning ensure a hygienic and safe workplace. The products we use have proven to clean just as well if not better than traditional cleaning products without the side effects associated with the use of toxic chemical cleaners.


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