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Team C’s Mini-project Case Study

In February 2015, Shining Knight Facility Services began a Green Cleaning Program with their core management team. Dividing into three competing teams, each group took on a mini-project that would change a simple product or process, then monitor and measure the sustainable outcomes.

Team C reduced the five Diversey J-Fill chemicals used for daily cleaning, of which only two were certified by an eco-label, to only three Green Seal Certified products. Their project focused on ensuring the new system was successful by identifying and addressing the barriers to change.



Team C consisted of members: George, Kim, Harry and Emedio, with George taking the leading role on site.


Team C stakeholders included the City of Glen Eira facility manager, where this project was carried out, and members of the Town Hall cleaning crew.


For one month, Team C used and measured the existing J-Fill chemicals, while preparing for the change by trialing the new products, and training the cleaners in the benefits to their health and environment. After installing the three certified products, the trials and monitoring continued throughout the second month.


Shining Knight uses a chemical proportioning system to dispense the Diversey J-Fill products. However only a limited number of Green Seal products are suitable for this system, and the glass cleaner has to double as a ‘Spray & Wipe’. The team were concerned that this would not be strong enough to lift grease and stains.


The Diversey glass cleaner was tested in a wide range of situations, and where it struggled, such as in removing greasy food spills, the floor cleaner was used successfully instead. The Tool-box sessions conducted with the cleaners prior to making changes, helped to gain their ‘buy-in’ by focusing on the health benefits of using non-hazardous chemicals with low volatile organic compounds (fumes).


By the end of month two, Team C were confident that just three Certified products could handle all daily cleaning tasks and situations. This project also proved to be a great team-building exercise, resulting in them making safety changes to the cleaner’s room, and willingly adapting to the reduced range.


This project saw the team achieve a functioning streamlined system, with the following outcomes:

◊ Team now uses 100% non-hazardous and Green Seal Certified products. Previously these products only
represented 40% of all products used

◊ All cleaners reported feeling safer and healthier when using the certified products, particularly a worker who is pregnant. Some comments were:

“There are less fumes in the cleaners room now”.

“I felt safe when using it because of not breathing in fumes”.

“I have no itchiness or skin irritation now”.